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Photos hold memories that may last a lifestyle. They can also evoke different emotions. These days, most of us take pictures through our mobile phones and store them online. However, some people prefer to have their favorite pictures on custom framing and hang them on the wall.

Custom framing is used to mount pictures, paintings, or other artworks on walls. In addition, frames can also make an art piece look better. Traditionally, picture frames are made of wood. Other materials, such as plastic, silver, aluminum or bronze, can also be used to make frames.

Tips on Buying Picture Frames

Finding a high-quality picture framing is important if you want to display paintings or photos in your office or home. Here are things you need to remember to make sure you get the right custom framing:

Choose custom framing that will complement your interior style.

Consider the overall look for your office or house before you choose a picture frame. The color and the design of your frame must match your place. Otherwise, your picture or painting will look out of place.

For example, black and white frames are versatile and can blend well with different wall colors. If you have traditional interiors, then opt for a classic framing. On the other hand, metallic frames will suit a modern-looking office or home.

Make sure the design frames match your paintings or photos.

There are different frames made for different artworks or pictures. Simple frames work best with indigenous and contemporary art. For black and white pictures, you may opt for a pale timber box frame. In particular, a black-stained frame adds warmth and richness to photographs.

If you want to frame an antique or classic art, traditional frames are the way to go. A white-painted frame can give your artwork a more contemporary look.

Consider the mounting that you will use for your picture frame.

ounts can enhance the appearance of an artwork or a photo and make the image more attractive. A neutral mount, which is often seen in galleries, can make your image the center of attention. A quality mount, on the other hand, can prevent your artwork from getting damaged due to condensation.

You need to factor in the nature of an art piece before choosing a mount. Different frames apply to photographs, canvass artworks, or works on paper. For example, a traditional window mount keeps the glass away from a painting and supports all four edges.

Think about the mat that you will use for your photo frame.

Mat provides a gap between your artwork or photo and the frame. A matt can either be a cardstock, a cardboard, or paper, which gives you another “frame” for your artwork. Choose a colored matt that will compliment your pictures or painting.

Choose the appropriate glass to cover your artwork or photo.

Ultraviolet (UV) light may cause fading to an artwork or a picture. Consider the UV filter of the glass which will be used for your photo or painting. Another thing you need to consider is the reflective material of the glass. This will ensure that the glass will not interfere with the work on display.

Consider the weight of the glass for your artwork. Choose a lighter glass which will make it easier for you to transport your artworks.

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