Picture Framing Newton

Each picture you take is a piece of art. It will hold the memory of a captured moment for a lifetime. With that in mind, you should preserve every photo you treasure by using customized picture frames.

Why Should You Choose Custom Framing?

Custom framing has many advantages over store-bought picture frames. The following are some examples.

  • Longer Preservation

Natural light, dust, and the acid present in materials used on ready-made frames may cause discoloration and damage to your picture. With custom framing, a professional custom framer uses only acid-free and high-quality mats to protect your photo from being spoiled.

  • Enhance the Photo’s Appearance

You can make a photo or piece of art look more appealing by using the right style of picture frame. For instance, vintage frames are ideal for older photos while a simple one makes colorful artworks look even better. However, you may not find the right design for your art from ready-made frames. To make sure you get exactly what you need, it’s best to opt for custom frames.

  • Customized Fit

Photos, artwork, and souvenirs may have odd sizes and shapes that do not fit ready-made frames. Forcing them into frames of the wrong shape or size can damage them. If you go to a professional framer, you can customize the dimensions and shape of the frame and the mat.

Hire a Picture Framer in Newton Today!

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