Picture Framing Brookline

Picture frames serve a purpose that some people fail to notice. Apart from making an artwork stand out, frames protect photographs or paintings from environmental elements or mishandling which could cause deterioration.

Qualities of an Appealing Picture Frame

Picture frames make good interior decorations. This is because every frame has its own appeal that adds elegance to an artwork. Some of the qualities of an appealing artwork are:


One important aspect of picture frames is that they can complement the colors present in an artwork. In other words, choosing the right frame color can make your artwork more presentable.


Picture frames come in different styles and designs. The right pattern can influence the overall appearance of your painting or picture. At The Frame Gallery, we have several frames that can bring out the best in your artwork.


The texture of the frame provides a subtle effect on your artwork. For instance, the coarseness of an oak frame would suit a painting with an outdoors theme.


You should make sure that the frame is in proportion to the artwork or picture. This provides balance and enhances visual elements that can make your artwork stand out.

Enlist the Service of a Professional Picture Framer

The Frame Gallery is a picture frame company that has been in business since 1986. Apart from producing custom picture frames, we also do restoration. Contact us for more information